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Dart World Wall Protector

Dart world wall protector is the perfect protector for your dart boards. This safeguard your boards against damage and potential damage to your boards from the environment. This wall protector includes a new design that helps protect your boards from the sun and other stresses.

Dart World Area 51 Alien Dartboard Kit

Buy Now Dart World Wall Protector

This is a great dart world wall protector that is made of plastic and mahogany for a rich and brown stain. It has two code once it is installed and will protect your boards from damage.
this is a 15 inch magnetic dart board double-side hanging dart board set. It has a game secret world design with interesting details. The board is made of hardwood with a blue and reds hued fabric background. There are bezels on all sides to prevent scratches. The board is wide at 15 inches but not including the bezels. It is well-made and will be a beautiful addition to any dart room. It is made of heavy-duty fabric and has a durable finish. It is perfect for any playing game, such as jurassic dinosaurs or any other game that needs a strong, durable board to cover it.